Visitors to Canada

Right for you if:

  • You’re in Canada and don’t have a provincial health insurance plan 

  • You’re planning to come to Canada

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    Insurance specially designed for visitors and new immigrants to Canada

    Top reasons to choose Scotia Travel Insurance1

    • Select the amount of emergency medical insurance that’s right for you
    • Choose an individual, couple or family plan2
    • Find a premium that fits into your budget
    • Get a quote in just a few minutes
    • Buy online or by phone easily

    You can apply for this insurance if you’re 85 years old or less3 and you’re: 

    • Visiting Canada, or
    • A new immigrant or on a work Visa, or
    • A Canadian resident who is not eligible for government health insurance benefits


    Choose the coverage you want

    With two plans available, you can pick the one that’s right for you.

    Plan A: Emergency Medical Plan1 with no Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions. See policy for details.

    • Choose the amount of emergency medical insurance you need, up to $150,000 CDN, if age 69 or less.
    • Coverage is available for individuals who are up to 85 years old
    • Family coverage is available for those age 59 and under2

    Plan B: Emergency Medical Insurance1 with Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

    • This covers pre-existing medical conditions as long as you are stable for at least 180 days before your coverage starts. Please see policy for details. Get up to $150,000 CDN in emergency medical insurance if you are 69 years old or less3
    • Get up to $100,000 CDN in emergency medical insurance if you’re between 70-85 years old
    • If you are 40 years of age or over age, you must complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application
    • Coverage is available for individuals 

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