Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

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Top reasons to choose Scotia Travel Insurance

  • Select the amount of emergency medical insurance that’s right for you

  • Choose an individual, couple or family plan

  • Find a premium that fits into your budget

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Choose from two Emergency Medical Insurance Plans1

Single trip
Coverage overview

Select the one that’s right for you.

Emergency Medical Plan1

With no Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions. See policy for details.

  • Choose the amount of emergency medical insurance you need, up to $150,000 CDN, if age 69 or less3.
  • Coverage is available for individuals who are up to 85 years old
  • Family coverage is available for those age 59 and under2

Emergency Medical Plan

With Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions.

  • This covers pre-existing medical conditions as long as you are stable for at least 180 days before your coverage starts. Please see policy for details. Get up to $150,000 CDN in emergency medical insurance if you are 69 years old or less3
  • Get up to $100,000 CDN in emergency medical insurance if you’re between 70-85 years old
  • If you are 40 years of age or over age, you must complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application
  • Coverage is available for individuals
To qualify for this coverage:

You can apply for this insurance if you’re 85 years old or less3 and you’re:

  • Visiting Canada, or
  • A new immigrant or on a work Visa, or
  • A Canadian resident who is not eligible for government health insurance benefits

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Frequently asked questions

To apply for coverage, an applicant or someone on his/her behalf may complete and sign the Visitors-to-Canada application. If someone other than the applicant completes the application, that person must ensure that he/she has full authorization to apply on behalf of the application and full knowledge of the applicant’s health information to complete the application accurately. Any incorrect statements on the application may make the policy null and void.

A refund is available if you cancel the policy at any time before the effective date of insurance (minimum $25.00). When you obtain Canadian government health insurance plan coverage from a Canadian province or territory, or return home before the scheduled return date as per the confirmation, and no claim has been initiated or reported or assistance services have not been provided, refunds are available for the unused days of the trip (minimum $25.00).

We ask you to call our Assistance Centre so that we can confirm your enrolment under the plan and, with the health care provider, manage the benefits in accordance with your policy. By calling the Assistance Centre, you may avoid any out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not call the Assistance Centre, you will have to pay 20% of the medical expenses normally covered under this policy. If it is medically impossible for you to call, have someone call on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Assistance Centre has been notified. See your policy for details.

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